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Honestly, I get the heebie-jeebies when I look at this piece.Did she suffer from a woodchipper accident? I'm asking because those legs are horribly atrophied and malformed, almost as if she was either born that way or suffered some terrible accident. I also raise umbrage with the chin and the mouth, especially the latter since while the former is technically a stylistic choice, the latter is too far down the face to be so. Her tail also seems a bit off to me.

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Plazmix responds:

Thank you for your response I have not done an angle like this before on any of my characters before so this was a first time perspective. I'll admit that I need more time on learning anatomy but when I get more paper haha. This helps


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I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable person on the human form (I specialize more towards abstract art), but I am noticing some moderate to severe flaws in this piece. I will start from the worst offenders that immediately come to mind, and then work down to some things that I would suggest trying for your next piece and/or correcting in this one.

The two biggest flaws in this piece are actually part of the reason why this is rated A: the tits and the penis. Notice how you have appeared to separate the breasts from the form of the girl. This gives the impression that two ovoid lumps are upon a rather flat-chested girl. On top of that, they do not act in accordance with gravity; they are not deforming in the way actual breasts would do in that position. This however is nothing compared to the penis.

The penis first of all appears strangely flaccid. This is because the dick in its natural, soft, state dips down; an erect penis would typically stand straight, or even curve upwards a bit. Next, you have depicted the penetrative act in an impossible way. In this position, the woman's vagina would be oriented horizontally, and the man is trying a vertical penetration. This does not exactly work so well when attempting coitus.

Now for some suggestions: First, I would redesign the boobs to a less circular and more organic design; I would also recommend you connect it to the body. Secondly, I would recommend you add the band of scar tissue/ the foreskin onto the penis, since without it, it gives me the appearance of a mushroom. I would also tone down on the veinwork, since that just looks nasty. Finally, I would suggest making he hair flow freely, since as it is, it just looks like its rock hard and defying gravity.

Overall, I would say this piece is middling to subpar, flaws in the design take what would be a decent piece to below average. I'll at least say that you aren't that bad with this sort of work, and at the very least you would beat a few artists that I know charge commission for their work.

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PERVBOY responds:

Thank you for your Comment!
I understand that you wanna tell me that there is an
Proportion Problem.
Well! She is an animated Character. Not a live real Women!
Also what i done with her Boobs and his Cock are Done often before.
I agree with you that the Cock Veines look strange! But i cant Change it anymore!